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Sharpen Your Memory

​​Tap into the Power of Your Mind!​

You can never over-emphasize the importance of a strong mind.

​The mind is a “muscle” that requires exercise to maintain strength

​and health. Strengthen your mind with proven techniques that get results!


  • Recall names with ease in social and business settings
  • Remember important dates and facts
  • Quickly build rapport - Improve networking skills
  • Improve customer service and solidify important relationships
  • Face aging with confidence and skills to help maintain independence and health

Full Seminar Training

Putting the pieces together and maintaining a memory is easy with simple techniques. Strengthening your mind can be fun and profitable too. Grow strong in mind and gain control of your most powerful life-tool.

  • Self Management
  • ​​​Stress and Health
  • Aerobics for the Mind
  • Memory Skill Building
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Memory & Medicine
  • Training Exercises​

“Steve Ochoa’s ‘Remembering Names’ Lecture was phenomenal. One of the best lectures I have ever taken at Canyon Ranch.”

-Anonymous Canyon Ranch Guest Comment

​Founder and President of Sharpen Your Memory​

Steve Ochoa

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